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Hobby Knife Comparison


Which hobby knife blade is the best?

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Brother PE500 Embroidery Machine


Brother PE500 Embroidery Machine on Black Friday Special

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Replacing Thread Change Potentiometer on Embroidery Machine


On multi-needle commercial machines, there is a sensor that tells the machine which needle is currently selected. This sensor also keeps the drive mechanism from trying to sew between needles or other such potentially destructive things. Mine broke!

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Mirroring an Embroidery Design


Instructions on how to mirror an embroidery design on a SE400, PE770, and other Brother Embroidery Machines

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Embroidering Plushies


There are lots of ways to put eyes and a cutie mark on your ponies; everything from buttons to paint to hand embroidery. I have always found that machine embroidery gives your plushie a professionally made look. on top of that, it is much more durable than other methods. Embroidery is fun, but it can also be a pain if you don't plan ahead.

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My Little Pony Eye and Cutie Mark Sizing


I get asked quite a bit what the correct eye and cutie mark size is for MLP stuffed animals. There are honestly a ton of personal preferences and patterns, but in general, these are the sizes that I think work best. They have been tweeked over the past years based on feedback from different designers and makers.

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Start your own Embroidery Business?


I have been getting lots of questions asked recently about how much these patches cost to make, and that folks want to start selling their own.  Sometimes MLP, sometimes not.  I am more than happy to see folks start up their own businesses, that's awesome!  The only thing I ask is that you don't sell the same things I do, as I would like to break even at some point. Anyway, on to a business explanation!

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Machine Embroidery, Embroidery Thread & Thread Colors


I have gotten a few questions on the thread that I use, what the colors are, and how to get thread for embroidery.  I'll try to explain the differences between thread types and sizes, and how to match colors for those that want to learn machine embroidery.  This is going to be more of a 'stream of consciousness' type post, and be a giant wall of text, but hopefully it will answer those questions.  first, I think a primer on thread would be good.

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