Brother PE-770 Embroidery Machine

I got the PE770 machine as an upgrade to the Brother 6800PRW I started with. This is an embroidery only machine; it will not do regular sewing. All the designs I custom made for my LB6800PRW work great on the PE770. I have yet to break a needle, even when sewing though 7 or more layers of embroidery on this machine. The PE770 can do the same design in about 25% less time too. The machine is much quieter than my LB6800PRW, even when sewing faster. The screen is easy to read, and using the features is second nature since they are basically the same as the 6800PRW. The automatic needle threader works great as well, even better than the one on my LB6800PRW.

Machine Layout
The top of the machine has a blue flip up cover over the horizontal thread spool pin. This adds a classy and professional look to the machine but it is in the way when I feed from large king spools or just swapping thread. I removed mine as it serves no purpose besides aesthetics.

The machine does not come with a thread post to put on the bobbin winder like the 6800PRW. This makes it so you need to use the normal thread holder, which doesn't work well for short spools of thread like 550 yard spools. I use the post from my LB6800PRW, as it fits the bobbin winder post; then ordered a few spare threadposts.

Loading Designs
The machine takes a regular USB key to transfer patterns to the machine, which is a great feature. That way, you don't need a computer right next to the machine like you do for the LB6800PRW. However, the key sticks out from the side of the machine, and I always worry that I will hit it on something and break either the USB key or the machine when I reach around the machine for thread. So far though, I haven't broken the machine or a USB key because of this.